Pagyakap Sa Buhay Kalinga

Thank you Sir Eli Sepe for capturing the truth, the plight and life of our dear homeless sisters and brothers. Teatro Kalinga is a theater arts workshop and showcase program of Arnold Janssen Kalinga Center for our street dwellers. They have been provided with dignified care, i.e., healthy food, daily showers and hygiene and a roof and home during their quarantine.

Along with this, doctors and counselors regularly check into their physical and psychological needs. And, in a span of more than two months, they have been COVID19-FREE.

Last May 28, 2020 after a four day grueling theater workshop, they proudly presented: Paglaya mula sa Kulturang Kalye, Pagyakap sa Buhay Kalinga! Sir Eli’s photos vividly depict their struggle, stories and hopes. Be a partner in mission of recreating and empowering the lives of our dear street dwellers through Arnold Janssen Kalinga Foundation.