The Kalinga Program

St. Arnold Janssen KALINGA Center (AJKC), founded more than four years ago, continues to be a beacon of hope of Manila’s many homeless and poor people. It has welcomed within its doors many people who were neglected, abandoned and forgotten by mainstream society.

KALINGA is an acronym for the programs offered by the center: Kain-Aral-LIgo-naNG-umAyos (Eat, Learn, Bathe, to be Well).

We envision a society where nobody is left behind, and the dignity of the all people is upheld, respected, secured, and celebrated. Its overall objective is to provide those who are poverty stricken with holistic, systematic and dignified care.  Its specific objectives are:

The Center is organized for the homeless and the poor, especially the children, who are provided with systematic and holistic care: 


On a weekly average, the Center receives 700 young and old street dwellers where each person is received with much care and love.

Benefactors and donors are all those who have shared their resources for the benefit of AJKC’s work and ministry. These resources could either be financial or in-kind donations.

AJKC welcomes the generous donations of donors and benefactors in carrying out its ministry. In fact, AJKC functions through the selfless and boundless generosity of God through the help of many benefactors.

While AJKC accepts donations, AJKC also has preference in the things donors and benefactors give. Rice, clothing, shampoo, mats, towels and toiletries (paper towels, sanitary napkins, among others) donations are preferred for Phase IA and Phase IB; school supplies and other classroom paraphernalia are also preferred donations for Phase II; Donations for Phase III are dependent on the kind of livelihood activities AJKC offers at a given time.

Benefactors are treated as integral members of AJKC. They are welcome to visit, and invited for special events or informed if there are notable activities in AJKC.