Day 63 of the Lockdown

We are all “homeless” people finding our way home towards our hopes, dreams and even heaven.

But there are also real homeless people who by their choice or even wrong choices and pushed away by families, has brought them to live and survive the life in the streets.

Arnold Janssen Kalinga Center, since 2015, has embraced the mission of journeying with them with the hope of recreating and empowering their lives.

Here are some stories of those who lived in the streets. But have once again hoped and courageously made the leap of faith. Stories of a wounded life and wounded-healers.

Stories of Caring, Hope and Mission.

Mga Kwentong Kalinga.

Lorena and Sam

Roel and Niño

If the videos moved you, please share to your family and friends, and be a partner in mission in recreating and empowering the lives of the homeless.

“Paglaya mula sa buhay kalye. Pagyakap sa Buhay Kalinga.”