Kalinga: On A Rainy Sunday

On a rainy Sunday, all the more Kalinga (Kain-Ligo Ng umAyos) continues. To uplift their dampened spirits and stomach, we served “sweet and sour meet balls and Sinigang sa Miso ng Bangus and of course Sinandomeng unlimited rice”.

We served 212 street dwellers yesterday with most of them going back for a 2nd,3th and even 4 servings. The best part, everybody cleaned their plates w/not a grain wasted!😀

After waiting on a table, one man (Rene,sitting side view) asked me, “bakit ganito ang pagkain nyo dito, Father?? Upon hearing this, i suddenly felt anxious and afraid. Then i politely asked, “bakit po, anong ibig n’yong sabihin?” He continues, “bakit ganito ang pagkain ninyo dito, sinigang sa miso na bangus at sweet and sour meatballs; ang sarap-sarap, Father. Talagang pinagpapahalagahan ninyo po kami dito.”

With eyes wet i replied with a huge smile, “talagang mahalaga po kayo sa Kalinga Center at lalong higit sa mata ng Dios”.
Rene not only left with a full stomach and valued self, he also left me with a resolve to continue recreating and empowring the lives of the homeless.