Kalinga Center Livelihood

Arnold Janssen Kalinga Center, a Program for the homeless people of Metro Manila that follows the vision-mission of “recreating and empowering lives by providing them with DIGNIFIED, SYSTEMATIC and WHOLISTIC CARE in 3 Phases, namely:
Phase I – Food and Hygiene to recreate their self-image;
Phase II – Non-Formal Education to help them reclaim their self-respect;
Phase III – Livelihood and Employment to restore their self-worth.

Allow me to share with you the developments of our Phase III and Livelihood of our beloved homeless brothers and sisters.

These are keenly made with love, sacrifice and prayer while they still struggle living in the side-walks of Metro Manila.

We also pray that you would patronize them as personal gifts, birthday / anniversary tokens, Christmas and all-occasion gifts.

Come and be part of the mission of recreating and empowering the lives of our beloved homeless.