GCQ Day 23

“The REY Generosity”
GCQ Day 23
Arnold Janssen Kalinga Foundation
TM Kalaw, Luneta Theater

After providing “7 safe shelters” to 470 street-dwellers, we immediately reached out to those who were left behind. They have cartons for beds, plastics for blankets, and, the clouds and stars as their roof for the night.

What started with a washing of hands and providing a dinner pack for 200 pax, has now reached 500. They are a mix group of street-dwellers, construction workers and laborers.
Most. if not all, rely on the meal we give as their only decent meal for the day.


“The Rey Generosity”
Have you ever received an unconditional kind of help, out of the blue?
Has someone reached out to you and handed you a huge sum of blessing, that though his life depends on it, he nevertheless insists you receive the blessing?

He patiently queued at the end of the long line. When there were only 10 food packs left and 30 more persons needing food, we appealed to the 30 to allow their fellow 10 most vulnerable homeless seniors to receive a meal over them. They understood the appeal.

Suddenly, a man I don’t recognize approached me and quietly clasp my hand to give me a P1,000 bill!
With a smile and a gentle voice he uttered, “Maraming salamat po sa ginagawa mo FrFlavie. Malaking tulong po sa inyong ibinibigay sa amin. Napanuod po kita sa TV, kasama si Angel Locsin.”
I begged that he takes his money back politely arguing he needs it more. But he insisted and still grasping my hands and still with a smile says, “maraming salamat po talaga,Father”.
Then quietly walks away. In my eyes, he must be hungry. But, I’m God’s eyes, he fed and filled me today!

The man’s name is REY. He didn’t event want to have a photo taken. Thus, may I coin this huge gallant act of self-giving be known as, “The REY Generosity”.

As we go through this pandemic, may “the Rey Generosity” spur you to give instead of taking, so that others may live!