Collaborative Mission Frontier

Four months and even long before, we invented & imposed “social distancing” on homeless and street people, because of the stigma that they smell, are illiterate; unruly and a menace to society.

But for the past 3 months of being with Arnold Janssen Kalinga Center and quarantined in the 7 Safe Shelters in DLSU, CSB, Paco Catholic School, Malate Catholic School, St. Scholastica College and Espiritu Santo Parochial School, their lives have been changed.

Today and together, we are building our ARNOLD JANSSEN BAHAY KALINGA. There are at least 65 of us living and praying together, learning from one another, and, hoping that tomorrow will be kinder and promising. Kindly pray for the Inauguration & Opening of Arnold Janssen BAHAY KALINGA very soon!

SPECIAL THANKS to Fr. Edwin Flor, CP and the Passionist Congregation for this “collaborative mission frontier”!