Yesterday on the Feast of Our Lady of Mt.Carmel, we celebrated the 5th anniversary of

Arnold Janssen KALiNgA (Kain-Aral-Ligo-Ng Ayos) Center. Moreover, with Joy and Gratitude (and complaint with the guidelines of thermal check, hygiene and social distancing), we blessed and inaugurated our new home – “Arnold Janssen Bahay Kalinga”!!

Arnold Janssen Bahay Kalinga, is now an abode to at least 68 homeless people. Seeking to re-create and empower the lives of our dear homeless people, Bahay Kalinga was conceived to  provide opportunities for those in the peripheries of society, the hungry & thirsty, rejected & abandoned; for the homeless seeking for a hope, new start and new life.

There are 3 “Life-Programs” being offered:

+ Alternative Learning System for those hoping to finish their Elementary and High School  education;

+ Skills Training to aid in recreating their self-image and reclaiming their self-respect;

+ Job Preparation and Placement to help restore their self-worth.

Encapsulating the 3 track program is a psycho-spiritual and human development program specially designed for each track.

They come from different backgrounds and even gangs (ie Sputnik, BNG, BCJ, ExCons).

Some have been abandoned and rejected by their families; others made wrong decisions leading them to jail and serve their time; there are those who just lost meaning and found the streets to be more welcoming and friendly.

But one thing stands in common,they all found “3H” in Arnold Janssen Kalinga Center and Bahay Kalinga – HELP, HOME and HOPE.

One testimony related by a beneficiary says, “dito po sa Kalinga ko natutunan ang magpakumbaba,

pagpapahalaga sa sarili at pagpapanumbalik ng aking dignidad na nawala sa akin ng tumira ako sa kalye, ngunit nanumbalik at ipinagdiriwang ko ngayon sa Bahay Kalinga.”

We thank his excellency for gracing the Inauguration and unveiling Arnold Janssen Bahay Kalinga. The Society of the Divine Word (SVD) for the gift of mission, we pray that we be worthy of such a gift. The Congregation of the Passion of Christ (The Passionist) for allowing the seed of the mission of Bahay Kalinga to sprout in their property and soil. Ang Arnold Janssen Bahay Kalinga ay itinayo sa Bagong Silang, Caloocan.

Sa awa ng Dios at sa inyong dakilang suporta, may bagong pagsilang din na sisibol sa mga nais “lumaya sa kulturang kalye, sa pagyakap ng buhay kalinga sa Bahay Kalinga!