Batch 3 (25 Homeless) Now Official Residents of AJBK

“The state of homeless people will continue to be a tragic plight, until we decide to recognize them as persons with value and broken dreams needing mending. To begin with, they need a place which they can once again ‘a home’ to start anew.”

A place though temporary, it will be a place where they will experience healing, deepening of oneself, acceptance of their limitations and vast potentials. But most especially, to recognize, I am loved and capable of loving in return!

Arnold Janssen Bahay Kalinga…

(Homily during Batch 3’s Acceptance Rites)

Today, the 3rd Batch of homeless candidates/beneficiaries were formally welcomed to

Arnold Janssen Bahay Kalinga. After at least two weeks of simply  doing “kain-ligo ng ayos,”

25 residents were solemnly accepted today as official residents of AJ Bahay Kalinga.

In Arnold Janssen Bahay Kalinga, each homeless resident will go through a process of:

+ Psycho-Spiritual Interventions

+ Values and Catechetical Formations

+ Personhood & Human Development Workshops

+ Healing of Wounds & Bridging with Family

+ Alternative Learning System and Skills Training & in-house Enterprises

+ Preparation for Employment and Livelihood

In a period of 6-7 months, each homeless person will be guided through a process of recreating and empowering seminars, workshops and recollections. At the end of 7 months,

we hope that our dear homeless residents will be equipped with the proper tools and skills to once again find stable and permanent employment, become viable members of society and to become a source of inspiration to their fellow homeless and our wounded nation.

We thank in a special way two vibrant missionary congregations for their gracious support:

+ The Passion of Jesus Christ Congregation (CP) (The Passionists)

+ Society of the Divine Word (SVD Central Province)

Come and be a “companion-in-mission”.

“Coming home becomes a wonderful experience when we come home to a place where there are no judgements, only openness; no condemnations, only compassion; no rejections, only love and care abounds.”