Welcome to Arnold Janssen Bahay Kalinga, Batch 3!

Kindly welcome “Batch 3” (their class name to follow after 2 weeks) of our new homeless beneficiaries of Arnold Janssen Bahay Kalinga.

Batch 3 is composed of varied street-dwellers. There are those who have been living from 41 to 7 years in the streets, one doing drugs for 22 years, and we have several who were forced to live in the streets as a result  of retrenchment due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The “new normal” will truly have a new meaning as they commit themselves to the holistic and human developmental process of formation at the Arnold Janssen Bahay Kalinga.


Paglaya sa buhay kalye.

Pagyakap sa buhay at kulturang kalinga.


Batch 2 – Genesis will now be responsible for cooking, packing and distributing at least 750 dignified pack meals to the homeless in the City of Manila from May to July, until they are replaced by Batch 3.

From being homeless towards becoming servant-leaders.

Come and be a partner-in-mission!