The week that was in AJBK…

For the first time after long years of living in the streets, 56 street dwellers are now striving to live as a community. They are the first batch of street dwellers to occupy and live as a family under one roof.

Coming from different backgrounds, experiences and woundedness and even notorious gangs, they now seek to pursue a new dream, “to learn how to be human again and to live dignified simple lives under one roof – Arnold Janssen Bahay Kalinga (AJBK)”.

It was a fruitful week in Arnold Janssen Bahay Kalinga. We had the first election of “Servant-Leaders” who will help lead, guide and inspire their fellow beneficiaries.

But it’s not all work.

Each week we find time to sing and play, as well! But we do find time most of all to learn and pray.

Special thanks to Paring Bert for his session on “Kalinga at Malasakit sa Panahon ng Pasakit” and to Fortune Amaris Diagnostic Center  for looking into the medical needs of our street dwellers. Glad to announce, we’re COVID-19 free!

We who live under a roof are like our homeless brethren in the streets. We are like them seeking a place where people understand, listen and love us for who we are.

Unless we can lovingly share our lives with those around us, especially the vulnerable, we might be living “homeless” too.

Be a partner-in-mission in recreating and empowering the lives of our dear street dwellers!