“Empathy than apathy; Compassion than criticism; HOPE than pessimism”

Since April, Arnold Janssen Kalinga Center after being closed down by the Barangay Captain, did not cease to provide dignified care to those left-out and exposed to the threat of Pandemic and Death.

We started feeding 200 homeless in Luneta.

We have been asked to move and been driven away all for the reason that “bawal magpakain dito”.

It is truly a pity when people prefer to instill power than compassion; to insist on their  stubbornness at the expense of their neighbors’ stomachs and survival.

Paradoxically, our 8 (eight) dear homeless volunteers of Arnold Janssen Kalinga Center became more resolved in preparing and cooking, packing and distributing the dignified meals they prepare to this very day.

They are most inspired especially when friends like Jinggay Gallardo, Menchit Ongpin and their most beloved friends continue to be part of the mission in recreating and empowering the lives of our dear homeless in Manila and now also in Caloocan.

To date, we prepare and provide for 700 street-dwellers, excluding those struggling in the informal settlers community, finding a way to survive each day.

Jun tells me, “father, iba talaga buhay ngayon covid-19 marami sa kanila kasama na ako ay umaasa lang sa pagkain na bigay nyo, sa araw na yaon.”

If you are well and well off, help us feed our homeless/street-dwellers. Let Covid-19 re-create a new normal in us.

Let it bring out the best version of ourselves, that is, let there be more empathy than apathy; compassion than criticism; HOPE than pessimism.