Happy New Year

“Homeless people are strangers you have not yet met. Homelessness goes beyond poverty. Homelessness is a state when you find yourself alone and misunderstood; discriminated and abused, for short UNLOVED. Thank God for Christmas that reminds us how God took away our homelessness and welcomed us back to His abode and His LOVING PRESENCE.

Lunch with our dear BVolts – former homeless beneficiaries of Arnold Janssen Kalinga Center who took a leap of faith to volunteer, go through a formation and in turn be the ones to serve their fellow homeless. Despite the painful & growing reality of “homelessness” around us, the lives of the BVolt give testimony that lives can change and be re-created; self-respect can be regained; self-worth can be restored!

Looking at the photos, do they still look like homeless people to you??

They hope and pray you could be once again part of the mission of recreating and empowering lives of the homeless and wounded in 2020.

From the Arnold Janssen Kalinga Center, have a beautiful year-end and a BLESSED new year to you and your loved ones!”