I have always considered mountain climbing as “a way of life”.
One of the highlights of my college life was mountain climbing. That’s why we founded, CLiMB Letran Mountaineers back in 1991. “Mountain climbing is and will always be an illogical activity. There is no point in placing oneself in deliberate danger. But it is a risk that we take and embrace. In so doing, it builds one’s character and person.”
(Preamble, CLiMB Letran Mountaineers)

More than 20 years have passed. I still find time to climb both the peaks of nature and life. However, this time I ascend with a very unique group of people. They are the widows-orphans who have fallen victims to Oplan Tokhang.

As part of their psycho-spiritual intervention in Program Paghilom, we invite them to get out of their “comfort zones” and communities to attempt conquering both their fears and the peak. In the end, they realize how mountain climbing can truly be a bridge in “rebuilding their person and character” that’s assist in overcoming their traumas, and in the words of Kalinga and Paghilom: to recreate and empowe their lives of anew!
Come and join the next climb!

Thank you Aileen A for this wonderful initiative!! God bless you more!