B-Volts Random Drug Test

On October 10, 2019, I was a proud Father to the 12 “B-Volts” (Beneficiary-Volunteers) of Arnold Janssen Kalinga Center.

Caught by surprise, I executed a random “drug-test” and all except one revealed to be DRUG-FREE! The months of staying in Kalinga Center, striving to follow a structured lifestyle that beckons them to move from a “kulturang kalye” to imbibe a “kulturang Kalinga” inspired them seek and re-create their lives.

Speaking of re-creating, the one who revealed to be positive profusely asked for forgiveness. I sent him off to his fellow B-Volts and relate to them what he told me. To my surprise, they treated him with respect, by listening, giving their concerns and admonitions; then they prayed over him while ending with a group hug!

I was not present when they processed their peer. But I was surely proud of who they have become and how they justly managed the issue.

This is “re-creating and empowering lives of the homeless and wounded” at its best. This is the vision of Arnold Janssen Kalinga Center.

Come and be part of the mission of transforming lives!

Fr. Flavie Villanueva, SVD