“Hunger Rising…”

Arnold Janssen Kusina sa Kalinga today fed at least 700 pax, but for the first time, there were at least 100 more who were unable to receive any food meal packs. To provide systematic and dignified CARE is a core mission and commitment of Arnold Janssen Kalinga Center.

Since we were shut down by the BrgyCapt and some policemen in Tayuman, StaCruz, Manila, we ventured to reach out to the street dwellers exposed to the veerus and are

left out to survive in the streets of Manila. Today, I saw and realized we are not only catering to the homeless.

Surprisingly, I met people seeking jobs, stranded individuals and families, overseas workers, street sweepers and vendors desperately queuing in an orderly manner to wash their hands and receive a food pack to fill their stomach for the long night ahead.

With the 700 food packs we daily prepare beginning at 9am and distribute them from 5pm onwards, it was heart-breaking to see how the numbers of hungry people are increasing each day.

Covid is a disease, but don’t let your hearts and Faith be infected by veerus. Look around you, there might be a hungry person in need of understanding, someone who is thirsty for both love and bread coming from you….When you feed the hungry with bread, you fill one’s stomach. When you feed the hungry with both bread and care (KALiNgA), you restore one’s self-worth.