Today in Arnold Janssen Kalinga Center, we served a total of 336 street people young and old.

Seeking to recreate and empower the lives of the homeless, we begin by “Welcoming ALL”,
that is in Station 1. The next Stations that EACH beneficiary obediently follows are:
Station 2 – Profiling
Station 3 – Clothing
Station 4 – Bathing (showers & Mestiza soap)
Station 5 – Grooming and Affirmation
Station 6 – Meals and Bonding
Station 7 – Sending Off (with a purpose!)
“Kinalinga ako sa Kalinga, kaya mangangalinga ako sa iba, ng may galak!”

Do take notice of the “before and after” as they finish in Station 5: Grooming and Affirmation”, they are invited to recognize the change and declare:
“Malinis na ako; pahahalagahan ko ito; maaaring mag-bago buhay ko”.

Come and be part of the mission of recreating and empowering lives of our homeless brothers and sisters!